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Oh My! Seedless Grape will change the way your customers think about, and eat, muscadines.

Oh My! is the first muscadine that reliably yields full-sized, seedless, bronze-colored fruits with edible skins. Bite into these perfectly round, golden fruits and experience an explosion of juicy sweetness and rich, aromatic muscadine flavor.

Like other muscadines, Oh My! is naturally disease resistant, requiring significantly fewer pesticides than California grapes, and packed with health-promoting antioxidants.

Oh My! grapes are:

  • The world’s first full-sized, seedless muscadine—a breeding breakthrough!
  • Round, golden grapes with tender skins
  • Deliciously sweet muscadine flavor
  • Perfect for making jellies, juices, whole-berry preserves and grape hull pies with ease

U.S. Patent No. 9706726. This utility patent prohibits use of this cultivar in both breeding and propagation activities.